To This Day

Today we will be hearing from Shane Koyczan, award winning spoken word poet and author. He is a Canadian who is known for writing about issues related to bullying, cancer, death and eating disorders. Shane is someone who draws on difficult personal experiences for the subject of his writing and inspirational speeches. He demonstrates how we can all learn and grow in the face of challenges and hardships, and find beauty in ourselves and in the world.
After watching the video follow the three steps below.

Step 1: With you elbow partner please take 30 seconds to give your impressions of the poem.

(Return to Advisory for step 2)

Step 2: Once put into small groups select one person to be the recorder (that person will need an iPad).
Select the link below which will bring you to a google form. The form has several quotes from the poem and a questions below. Discuss the quote and the question and form an answer, or response, that is then entered into the form by the recorder.
-You only need one recorder.
-You only need to complete one question.

Here is the link

Step 3: When you are completed at least one of the questions with your group, choose one of the quotes to focus on and create a skit, a poem of your own, a visual art piece, or something to demonstrate the quote. You will share your art form with your buddy advisory at 11:50am.
Thank you

Anti-Bullying Class

After hundreds of emails I’ve finally updated my blog with the information from the Anti-Bullying class last week.

Here is the video that some of had a chance to watch. What I really like about this video is that it is not made for the bully or for the bully’s target but for the bystander that might be observing the bullying, whether online or in person.
Watch the video again and consider your role in bullying that you observe.

Being a bystander vs. being an Upstander.
Put simply, a bystander is standing by watching whereas an being an Upstander means that you are ‘standing up’ and helping to make the situation better.
For more info on how to be an Upstander, please check out the document below.

Also, I wanted to include the Bullying spectrum. It brought about a lot of positive conversation so I thought that I would share it here.


Where would the bullying that you see or hear about fit on this spectrum?

UPDATED – AES New Student Map…(not MAP)

I couldn’t get a screen shot of the whole map so I took two.


At an international school such as AES we love to celebrate the fact that our students are from all over the world. We’d love for you to contribute to an AES Map that shows where “home” is to you. The idea of “home” may be more difficult to define for some of us who have spent our life traveling the world, moving from post-to-post and integrating in and out of cultures.

Is home…
… where you grew up?
… the place where your passport is from?
… where your parents are from?
… where you lived last?
… a place that you identify with?

Home may actually be many places but I will ask you to select one place, if you can to put on our shared map.

Follow the link here to the AES New Student Map.

Here is a brief instructional video.

Want academic success? Don’t skimp on the sweat!

I often get to give advice to students and parents regarding improving academic success. Here is a list of a few worthy tricks for academic success.

  • Do your HW at a consistent time and in a consistent environment
  • Check in with your teacher regularly
  • Stay organized
  • Sweat regularly

This last one can cause people to pause. We’re so busy with our course work, why should we give time to something that takes away from academics. The short, simplified answer is that exercise makes our brain learn better.

A recent study showed that regular exercise over a period of 9 months increased the brains executive control (sometimes referred to as executive function*) while given a cognitive (thinking) tasks.

This makes very happy to be at a school where physical education is not only well resources, but mandatory for all MS students. This also seems like a good place to provide a link to all of our after school activities, many of which are physical, and sports.

Work up a sweat.

Mr. W

*For more info on Executive Function and why it is so important please take a look at the following video from Center on the Developing Child -Harvard University. While the video seems to emphasize early childhood, it is easy to see how these functions develop throughout adolescence into the teen years, and even as adults.

Parent Coffee Resources

Thank you for joining our parent coffee. Hopefully the information has been thought provoking and informative.

Here is a PDF format of our presentation. This contains the very useful screen shots of PowerSchool.  Parent Coffee- Supporting your MS child’s transition back to school
As mentioned here are a few resources that I mentioned.

Setting media agreements with your child
Here is an article that contains a great deal of resources. Please look through some of the articles with your child to start the conversation.
Also here is a news report with video that features a mother and her son, discussing their media agreement. While all the points in their agreement may not be relevant to you, discussing these rules with your child may promote some productive conversation.