HS Ambassador

The following message is from the HS Counselors.

We are looking for students currently in grades 9 to 11 to become Student Ambassadors for 2017-2018.  Student Ambassadors welcome new students at the beginning of both semester, and support the high school during certain events such as Back-To-School Night or welcoming alumni.  High school students that apply should be committed, mature, reliable, and have strong interpersonal skills.

Application is due by Friday, March 24th

Child Protection/Student Wellness Parent Coffee


I’d like to give a big thanks to all the parents for being so receptive and appreciative regarding our continued initiatives around Child Wellness.

Here is a PDF of yesterday’s Parent Coffee.

Linked here is the AES Child Protection Policy

Here is the video that we didn’t have time to watch.

There are lots of conversation to have and questions to pose to our children. I would urge you to use our Child Protection Lessons as a platform to ask questions to your children about their safety.
“What was some information that was shared that surprised you?”
“Do you think that the information shared was valuable? What information was not valuable?”
“What were some of the reactions from your classmates? Did they seem aware of these issues or not?”

An additional document that I referenced regarding recommendations for school evaluation agencies.

Transition to HS


Today in Advisory, course selection forms went have been handed out. Starting to fill out these forms now provides our HS with the necessary information to start developing their master schedule (the same process is true in the MS)

In order to assist you with the process please find the HS Course Catalog below:

Course Catalog 17-18

Additionally here is the presentation given by our HS counselor on February 14th.

Grade 8 Parent Night 2017

Below are some frequently asked questions that may provide some clarification.

If you have questions that you would like answered please fill out the google form HERE

  1. I’m currently enrolled in MS as an EAL student. Does that mean I should select EAL on my course selection form?

While it is general practice for students enrolled in EAL Humanities (EAL 1 Support) to continue in the EAL program in HS, placement will be determined later in the school year by your child’s EAL teacher, by looking at a number of different assessments. The HS Counselor will meet with the EAL teachers later in the spring to make these decisions. As enrollment in EAL class takes the place of enrollment in a World Language we would ask that your child select the World Language choice that they would like to take if they were not recommended to continue on with an EAL class. Their placement will be communicated with home in the spring.

2. I see Dance in two places. Why is that? Can I take two semesters of CPE (comprehensive physical education) and Dance?

Dance can be considered a PE elective or a Fine Arts elective but not both. This means that to complete your CPE requirements you can take two semesters of Dance (or one semester of Dance and one of CPE) but if you want your Physical Education credits to be fulfilled with two semesters of CPE then enrolling in Dance will be a credit (0.5 credits / semester) towards your fine arts electives.

3. I’m currently in Math 8. What do I sign up for regarding a Math course?

It is important to know that Math 8 and Integrated Math I (IM I) involve similar content and are both considered a prerequisite credit for Integrated Math II (IM II). The typical track from Gr. 8 Math is IM II but in some cases MS teachers will recommend that a student in Gr. 8 Math take IM I when they enter HS in order to review further increase their foundational understanding of key concepts. While this recommendation is made to support students as they continue to develop their understanding it does have implications future courses that they will be able to take and should be discussed with their HS counselor.

Please refer to page 30 in the HS Course Catalog for more information regarding the HS Math Sequence.

4. Do I need to get teacher’s signatures in the places that it says “teacher agrees / teacher disagrees”?

No. These grey areas on your child’s course selection form are to be completed by your child’s teachers and counselor at a later date. The HS Counselors will complete a process where all student’s course placement sheets are reviewed. It is at that time that teachers will discuss any recommendations that do not align with the courses selected by your child.




The Importance of Sleep

There has been lot’s said over the years about the importance of sleep.
As a school counselor, asking students about the amount of sleep they get is a pretty common question. When students are struggling in class as good nights sleep can make the difference. This has been seen by teachers and parents alike, but what is happening when we sleep and why is it so important to our brain.

Recently the CBC radio program Quirks and Quarks discuss recent studies that help further our understanding of the science of sleep. While this research does not specifically look at adolescent development, it is not difficult to make the connection between the current research and memory retention and behavior management in children.
You can find the article here
Or click here if you prefer to listen to the article

Parent Coffee Feb February

Today we’re going to take advantage of my favorite articles that parents have shared with me recently. I really want to emphasize the importance of us, as parents, to share these resources with one another in order to prompt discussion. These articles all have to do with parenting but have different areas of focus. Whether you are interested in cultural identity or helping your son/daughter with body image issues, let us take time today to explore some resources and share our ideas.

Introduction: Video on Third Culture Kids

More on parenting strategies, this article emphasizes the importance of being bored, in a world where phones and tablets provide instant stimulation. What are the benefits of being bored?

Here is an article from the New York Times that discuss a type of parenting strategy that has adopted the name “potted plant parenting”.

Two huge resources that we’ll also explore today:
Common Sense Media

Your Child’s Digital World

Here is the presentation from yesterday’s parent coffee.

Also, please find below a link for the Family Media Agreements from Common Sense Media
While the Family Media Agreement from CSM is a wonderful template and great conversation starter, please have the conversations with your family go beyond this contract to discuss media free places (maybe the bedroom) and media free times (maybe, the morning and when at the table eating meals together).

Thank you so much for your engagement during this mornings Parent Coffee. As we continue the Parent Coffees throughout the year, I look forward to providing more opportunities for us to share ideas and common experiences as well as do some activities to provoke thinking and build on our community of expert parents.
Here is the graphic that we used for our small activity.

Additionally, here is the presentation in PDF format.

Much of the research that I mentioned is presented in the book Yes, Your Teen is Crazy! by Dr. Michael Bradley. You can find a link to his website here