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Thank you all for coming and sharing your stories and ideas. As I said, what is truly interesting about our themes today is that we all have some sort of access to the conversation. Whether we are professionals at leaving or someone that has remained at AES for the bulk of their child’s education, we all are a part of these community transitions.
I’m always touched to see students and parents bring forth the impact of their cultural identity into the conversation regarding a big move.

Here is the presentation for your reference

PDF of Gains and Losses handout (click below)
Transition Handout Info

PDF of the MS lesson plan. Feedback is welcome as we plan to continue to develop how these topics are presented to students.
MS Transition Lunch Session Guide 2018

Neither Here Nor There – Trailer
*Updated Note: I reference the trailer as I know that this short documentary is highly regarded and used by other schools. What I did not realize is that is features an AES teacher. In the afternoon (after giving this presentation) I was invited to a conversation with HS teachers where we viewed the entire movie. The audience consisted of educators who have raised TCKs and some that were raising TCKs. It should be said the viewing of the movie and of the discussion that followed was very emotional, which emphasizes the importance for us to be aware of the challenges presented to cross-cultural children, as well as celebrating the many benefits provided to them.


I mentioned this TED Talk in our presentation. While not everybody might not identify with his talk I think that this talk might be quite relevant for many.

A mother’s blog about raising Third Culture Kids

Libby Stephans is a Cross-cultural consultant that works with families and schools. During my training with her, she always urged us to not use the term TCK. While I don’t think that there is a problem with the term but I think it speaks to the benefits of having individuals develop a conceptual understanding creates their own framework for how they think about themselves.

Here is a link to Marilyn Gardner’s site. There is some of her work that I do not find applicable for myself or our student population but she is definitely a worthy resource. We reference her work that is largely based on the work of David Pollock.
Transition – Building a RAFT

For a recommended read on Third Culture Kids see the link below
Third Culture Kids: Growing up Among Worlds

If you have additional resources that you would like me to post on this blog, please email me and I would be happy to share them.

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