Parent Coffee Feb 22, 2018

Thank you all for joining last weeks parents coffee. The topic of empathy and kindnessĀ are always going to be paramount on my mind as MS counselor as it is such an important part of development throughout the MS years.

Below is the presentation but I will be posting more info including websites referenced in the presentation.

Additionally, as a continued response to online behavior unsupportive our school’s mission, the counseling team took some time to deliver a lesson on bullying and cyberbullying. Below is the presentation that we used.

Of course, the conversation with students and parents regarding how we commit to our mission, both on and offline, is something that I am interested in continuing. One lesson that we have been discussing comes directly from and is one worth sharing with parents. Click here 6-8-unit3-cyberbullyingcrossingtheline for this lesson in order to continue the conversations at home.

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