HS Course Requests

Thank you for coming last night for our 1st parent session regarding HS course selection. Please find below the presentation from last night’s session.

To summarize the main points, the current selection of courses is restricted to electives. The selection has to be for two semesters worth of elective choices (0.5 + 0.5 = 1 full elective) which could be a 1-year elective or two, semester electives.
Thinking about Middle School this is similar to your child taking Photography (0.5) and Ceramics (0.5) versus taking Strings, which is a full year of credit.
What is important to know is that graduation requirements dictate that your child is required to have 1.5 credits of Fine Arts, while computer science electives are not required but contribute to the overall 5.5 general electives that are required.
Regarding the 5.5 credits of general electives that are needed, please know that once credit requirements are met for a given department, your child may continue to take classes in that department but the course credit goes to the general elective requirements. For example, there are 1.5 credits of PE that are required for graduation. While this amounts to 3 semesters of PE classes if your child is able to take additional PE classes the credits are counted towards the general elective credit requirement as the 1.5 credits have already been met.

Click on the Course Catalog below, which contains course descriptions, grad requirements, etc. to download the PDF.

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