Motivation Through the MS Years

Thank you all for coming to our sixth Parent Coffee of the year.
Student motivation is a massive topic and can encompass many different frameworks and philosophies. While there is lot’s of research that discusses motivation, it seems very difficult to measure therefore even more difficult to make direct correlations between motivation and outcomes. Even more difficult is to know how exactly to motivate your young teenager.

As you know from previous Parent Coffee topics a great first step is asking questions to your son/daughter. Asking “why” questions always runs the risk of being met with a frustrated teen, but making communication as consistent, supportive, and non-judgmental, will always serve your family.

Article from the economist titled “Teenagers are Better Behaved…”
I think that this is a fascinating article that seemingly tells a story of how children are spending less time engaging in negative and risky behavior, but also examines what the reasons (and motivations might be) regarding these changes in behavior.

Additionally here is the link to the handout that was on the table during the presentation on factors on motivation.

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