Executive Function in the Middle School Years

Thank you to everyone for coming to our Parent Coffee to discuss what executive function, or executive skills, are and how they develop/fluctuate through the MS years. 

As I prepared for this presentation I was very please to find some of the research presented by Dr. Zelazo who asserts that increases in frontal lobe activity (which can be correlated to growth in the frontal lobe which occurs during puberty) can have a negative impact on executive skills. As he says in the article linked below, “…more is not always better; sometimes too much communication can create confusion (just as too many chefs can spoil potentially good broth), and fewer synapses may be associated with more streamlined and more efficient communication among neurons.”

Click here for the 4 part series on executive function.

Here is the presentation if you would like to review it. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. If you have any suggestions for future parent coffee topics you can share them using this form.


171117 Parent Coffee – Executive Function

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