Calculator Recommendation for HS

As per the Course Catalog, all students in an Integrated Math class in the high school are required to have their own graphing calculator for use in class and on homework. If families would like to purchase these while traveling during the summer, they should follow these guidelines.

RECOMMENDED for IM (Integrated Math) courses:

TI-nspire CX  (Be certain that it is NOT the CAS version as this version is not allowed for use on IB examinations.)

These will be for sale in the AES store in August, but are cheaper if purchased in the US at about $125.

Also acceptable:

TI-84 Plus (or TI-84 Plus c  or  TI-84 Plus Silver Edition)  For students who already have a TI-84, this model is also suitable for the IM courses. A limited number will be available in the AES store in August.



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